Kenneth L. Capps

Born in Houston, Texas, in 1959, Kenneth L. Capps joined the US Marine Corps in 1979 for a thirteen-year career. He started a tree removal company in 1993, and he’s pulled himself through the mire of some tough relationships. His stories are raw and brutal, but he’s finally come to the point in his life where he realizes that he needs to share them. Enter Forgiving Waters, Ken’s first (but not last) published novel.

Ken describes his foray into the writing world with gusto, sincerity, and raw emotion:

All my days and all my experiences, combined with my failures and triumphs, have led me to the pen. I started writing out of anger and found it to be wonderful therapy. I am not as polished as most writers, my edges are jagged, and my voice is harsh at times. I write the stories that explode from my endless imagination. I am not a big reader; I just cannot sit still long enough to read anything longer than four pages. However, the funny thing is, I can sit in one spot, for hours upon hours, writing. I become lost in the pages as the pen frantically drags my hand across them.

In 2009, Ken won honorable mention in nonfiction in the New Bern Literary Symposium in North Carolina. The next year, in 2010, he placed second in fiction in the same contest. Ken’s writing career started at 50 years of age in what he considers to be the best years of his life. The only reason he entered the contests was to prove that he possessed the talent to write and verify what his friends were telling him.

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