Bo (Beauregard) Kelso is an old man, a wealthy Texas rancher who has outlived his beloved wife, Mary Beth, by three years. Seventy-three years have passed since Bo's intolerant, hateful father Leroy nearly hanged his black ranch hand, Calvin Mercer, for attempting to steal what turned out to have been a bag filled with food for his hungry family. Bo knows that his background of racial intolerance caused by his father has caused terrible problems in his past and he grieves over what he'd done back in 1942. He has given anonymous gifts to local needy causes, but Pastor Clover tells Bo that giving gifts to church doesn't make a person right with God. Bo now rides his beloved horse, "Whisky By The Drink", all over the acres of his ranch, but when he comes upon young teenagers Kevin and his friend Leonard, one white and the other black, fishing on his property, he knows just what to do. And with the help of his ranch manager, Clint, whom Mary Beth rescued years before, Bo succeeds.

"Forgiving Waters" is a highly readable and very well-written and edited story of a man's life. Bo Kelso is a wonderful literary character as are Clint, the boys Leonard and Kevin, their parents, Matt with his shortcomings, Elijah Waters, and Bo's loved wife, Mary Beth. Readers will not be able to put this story down until its last page as "Forgiving Waters" is just one of those literary works that will penetrate the reader's heart and mind as its plot runs smoothly to the story's final words. Kenneth Capps has created a monumental story as big as the state of Texas where it is set. Put this book at the top of your reading list, everyone out there!
- Reviewed by Alice D. for Readers Favorite

Forgiving Waters is an inspiring tale of growth & discovery that leaps the borders of generation & race.   Through the lives of his characters, author Kenneth Capps offers messages of forgiveness that will resonate with readers of all ages.
- Rip Taggart

I fell in love with this book the moment I started to read the first page (pay attention to these first few pages they will come back to haunt you and charm you as the book evolves). I could not put it down! I thought the characters were well written (they whisper in your ear, so again pay attention) and came to life as the pages turned. If this is an example of how this new author writes (look back over your shoulder as you read this book again, as we all will) then I can’t wait for his next book.
- Nancy Burke

This year, a new writer, Ken Capps, has emerged from the masses with a breakthrough novel called "Forgiving Waters" published by BQB Publishing Company.  Not only is this stunning story visually painted with words, but it expresses the deep emotions felt by all the characters and is timely with the current racial tensions throughout America.  It should be a must read for your summer list and one that would be a perfect for Tommy Lee Jones to play on the wide screen version.  I for one cannot wait for Ken's next novel and hope that you enjoy "Forgiving Waters" as much as I did.
- Semper Fi, Mitchell Bell

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